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for attending the latest session of Tax Tuesdays. 

We know you have choices when it comes to services you use for your business. At Anderson Business Advisors we like to make sure you have the exact amount of support you need from an experienced team of Tax Professionals. Whether you need tax preparation at filing time or you need access to our CPA’s on an ongoing base – you choose the amount of time-based.

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What Will You Get?

Service Investor
Tax Planning Session with Our Tax Team of Professionals Yearly
Units of Time* to be Used for Tax and Accounting Services 160 Units
Personal Audit Protection for Reviewed Returns YES
Tax Wise Workshop Live Event (2 Tickets) YES

* Units of time are used when you have a bookkeeper, tax preparer, tax attorney or CPA work on your account. The units of time are outlined as follows for the different professionals you may work with. Yearly or quarterly tax planning sessions do use units of time within your package.

Bookkeepers: 7 Units = 1 Hour of Time

Tax Preparers: 10 Units = 1 Hour of Time

EAs (Enrolled Agents): 15 Units = 1 Hour of Time

CPAs: 20 Units = 1 Hour of Time

Tax Attorneys:  20 Units = 1 Hour of Time

**Additional units of time can be purchased at $1,000 for 100 Units and do not expire.  Units can be applied toward bookkeeping, tax preparation, and tax consulting. Complete terms of service can be found here.

Exclusive Access to CPAs and Professional Tax Advisors at Your Fingertips!

If you aren’t sure which package is right for you we invite you to a complimentary session with an experienced business advisor.

Streaming Live

Join Ronnie Withaeger and a guest tax professional every other Tuesday at 3:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Eastern to answer your questions live!

Key Elements

Join the open discussion with Ronnie Withaeger, CPA, and his fellow tax advisors. Key elements include expert information and advice on current events, law changes, and how to reduce your tax burden.

Got Questions?

This weekly webinar is not a presentation, it is a question-and-answer event focused on you and entirely dictated by your questions.


A well-thought out tax planning strategy is a cornerstone of any business plan. Learn what strategies your existing plan is missing, or learn what it takes to create a plan.

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