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What does the Strategy Session include?

The Strategy Session includes a one-on-one phone conversation with a member of our team. They will work with you to understand your overall situation from three perspectives: Asset Protection, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning. We request you fill out a Strategy Questionnaire prior to the phone meeting to best assist in developing your overall Wealth Planning Blueprint.  The blueprint will provide a breakdown of how to best structure your businesses, investments, and assets to best protect your assets from creditors, judgments, and any other threats, as well as develop a strategy to minimize taxes and sleep better at night knowing your estate is set to go where you want.

Just Three Easy Steps to Schedule Your Strategy Session…

STEP #1: Fill out your contact information in the form above.

STEP #2: You’ll receive this one-on-one, no obligation Strategy Session with one of Anderson’s professional business advisors.

STEP #3: The advisor will map out a business structure for protecting your real estate, personal, and business assets.

Experienced Attorneys you can trust who specialize in working with Real Estate Investors and Business Owners for over 80 years of combined experience in asset protection and tax minimization.


“Michael’s knowledge, background and experience along with his professional service has been essential in giving me the peace of mind knowing that I have a solid plan in place if some unforeseen event were to ever take place in the future.

I recommend anyone with financial assets have Michael and the staff at Anderson Business Advisors develop a personalized plan for them to put in place in order to provide them with the same peace of mind of knowing their assets and their family’s financial interests protected.”

Doug B., California

“Very caring staff than makes all the time in the world to be a support and to answer and clarify hard to understand questions. We would have been lost in starting our new business without Anderson.”

Fred B., Colorado

As a client of Anderson, I have appreciated their commitment to client education, their real world expertise regarding the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs and real estate investors face, and their genuine desire to see their clients succeed.  Thank you, Anderson.

Bill P., Maryland

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We offer full-service business solutions for real estate investors and business owners. We look forward to helping you structure your real estate investing to ensure you have the highest level of asset protection and best tax-saving strategies possible.

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