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Toby Mathis
Why Your Business Should Consider 831(b) and Mitigate Risk!

Weather the retirement storm by strengthening your business with an 831(b) plan. It’s legal and highly effective for tax deferral today to address tomorrow’s risks.

Today, Toby Mathis of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Ed Bryan, Director of Business Development at SRA. Ed has more than 20 years of sales and operations management experience and brings a consistent history of leading high-performing sales teams and operational excellence.

Ed is responsible for developing business strategies to improve representative and client relationships. He works closely with Field Marketing Representatives to identify opportunities and provide education to keep them abreast of industry news and latest product knowledge.

Discussed in the Episode

  • 831(b): What it is and how it compares to 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Options: Allow money to grow, declare a qualified dividend, or realize investment gains
  • COVID Claims: Making employee retention credit retroactive has hurt businesses
  • Where people go wrong – they don’t share risk and/or operating principles of insurance
  • Typical Clients: From builders to doctors – there’s no shortage of risk in any industry
  • What can be insured? Threats to business cash flow (brand, cyber security, other risks)


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Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

FAQs: Employee Retention Credit under the CARES Act

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Full Episode Transcript: 

Toby: Hey, guys. This is Toby Mathis with the Anderson Business Advisors Podcast. Today, I have Ed Bryan on. I’m just going to preface this. The IRS hates what Ed does, but they can’t stop what Ed does because it’s so effective. But if you go up, and I’ll let Ed explain what he does, it is so effective when you meet the criteria to use a company like Ed. I never get to start like that. Ed, first off, welcome.

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