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Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements

What is the single-most effective way to affect your adjusted gross income (AGI) in the conservation easement realm? Preserve land while deducting taxes. There are people who are doing really good things with conservation easements. Is Donald Trump one of them?

In this episode, Toby Mathis of Anderson Advisors talks to Tyler Surat about tax incentives for conservation easements.

Tyler works in the renewable energy industry. His work involves solar involvement, solar installation, and solar sales in southern Colorado. Tyler talks to clients about renewable energy—the benefits and tax savings.


  • Why might people put solar on a property they own or even investment properties? Aside from the benefits of being green, contributing back to the grid, and knowing that a perpetual power bill can become cost controlled by your solar investment, there are financial reasons.
  • Explain the economics of it. Do most people finance solar systems? On a residential level, most people finance solar systems because most don’t have $35,000 available. Ultimately, a finance payment is in exchange for a power bill.
  • Why did the U.S. government create a program for conservation easements? As a way to incentivize a private conservation effort because it cannot single-handedly serve every piece of land that should be conserved.
  • What is a conservation easement? When you place boundaries on a property to where development cannot happen.
  • Why would you partner in a deal to buy land that will be devalued considerably? Your investment is essentially the developed cost and the government is giving the marketable developed value as a deduction. You get 25% of your money back that you invested as income. Now, your investment turns into a deduction of your AGI.


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Toby: Hey, guys. It’s Toby Mathis with the Anderson Podcast. Today, I have Tyler Surat. I have known you for many years working on the renewable energy side. Tyler, first off, welcome.

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