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Profit First and Beyond: Mike Michalowicz Unveils 'All In' Strategies and Success Stories

Have you ever wondered how flipping the script on profit can revolutionize your business? Mike Michalowicz joins Toby Mathis, Esq., to dissect his innovative ‘Profit First’ formula, a game-changer for entrepreneurs swimming against the tide of traditional financial management. Mike, the sage behind several seminal business books, engages in a no-holds-barred discussion about the essentials of a prospering business—prioritizing profit, pinpointing pressing needs, and strategies for organic growth. You’ll also hear the details of Toby’s own multi-million-dollar tumble and the invaluable lessons that journey taught me, all of which dovetail with Mike’s profound insights.


  • Mike intro and background
  • Books by the guest and their basic message
  • Past failures, “face plants,” losing millions
  • Competitive advantages in today’s market
  • Camps in the sports industry – employers should take note
  • Home Depot’s employment recruiting ‘camps’
  • Examples of offering education for recruitment
  • What is ‘collective psychological ownership’?
  • Using these techniques as an employee
  • Company culture- diversity builds community


All In by Mike

Mike Michalowicz Bio

Tax and Asset Protection Events

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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys, Toby Mathis here. I’m joined by Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First and a bunch of other books. I’m just going to read through them real quick because you’ve done so many—Get Different, Fix This Next, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, Surge, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, and most recently, the one that we really want to talk about today is All In.

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