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How To Choose The Best Entity For Flipping Real Estate

Welcome to another Tax Tuesday episode of the Anderson Business Advisors podcast. Today, attorneys Toby Mathis, Esq., and Eliot Thomas, Esq., delve into listener questions around how real estate investors can maximize their returns and navigate the often-overlooked tax benefits associated with oil and gas investments within retirement accounts. They also share valuable tactics for employing family members in a business to shift income and save on taxes. A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to flipping properties, as they clarify the tax implications of this active income, debate the benefits of cost segregation studies for flips, and advise on the best entity structures to minimize tax burdens. Additionally, the episode covers charitable giving, exploring the differences between donor-advised funds and family foundations, and offering strategic insights for philanthropic tax deductions.
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  • “After seeing one of Toby’s videos on five overlooked deductions, my interest in oil and gas investments was piqued. I am wondering if you can use your 401 (k) or a Roth to participate in a partnership. If so, would you get the tax benefits on the front end in year one? If you can do this in a tax advantage account, how is the 15 % depletion credit treated? – Oil and Gas and a retirement account – depreciation wouldn’t really be a factor. Loan the money to yourself.
  • “Are US notes bought at a discount in an aftermarket offering exempt from California income taxes?” – Yes they are
  • What is the best way to pay your children for a small business owner?“- Pay them from a disregarded entity.
  • What are the tax implications when flipping a property, is it? There’s three. Is it active income taxed at the ordinary income tax bracket? Another old company Took a while and is there? Stop it. And is there self-employment tax? Where is it? is it beneficial to do a cost segregation study for bonus depreciation for a flip? What is the best entity structure for flips? – Generally, flipping is active/non-passive income. It depends on your material participation.
  • How can we offset a W-2 income and lower AGI through real estate investing in rental properties that are potentially fixer-uppers? Can we claim property repair expenses, investments, mortgage interest taxes, et cetera, against W-2 income to lower and offset taxable income?-
  • I did a cost segregation study on a fixer property I purchased and rehabbed in 2023, but haven’t used it yet because I heard 100 % bonus depreciation might be reinstated. How long is the cost seg study good for since I had it completed in December of 2023? – The cost seg is based on 2023 never expires, you’d be eligible for at least 80%.
  • Can I do cost segregation study on Airbnb in a foreign country? – Different countries have different tax rules, but for US tax purposes, it may not benefit you the way you think.
  • I want to utilize rental property depreciation to the maximum. However, I held a property for five years and then did a 1031 exchange. I barely get any depreciation to use now. Please explain why what occurs to depreciation when I do a 1031 exchange. Will the original basis carry over to the replacement property? If so, is it accurate to say I get the most depreciation benefit when I buy straight up, not doing a 1031? – the original basis doesn’t carry, but the adjusted basis does.
  • What’s the best way to transfer the ownership of my investment property to my son before my death? – You can gift it, but we don’t recommend it because they won’t get the stepped up basis to the fair market value. Put it in a living trust.
  • How does a donor advice fund differ from a family foundation? – Both are great tools if used for the right purpose. You can invest up to 60% of your AGI in a DAF, or 30% AGI for a family foundation.


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Toby: Welcome to Tax Tuesday. I’ll let everybody flow in here and hopefully you’re looking for Tax Tuesday. If you’re looking for, I don’t even know, something Wednesday or something Thursday—Thirsty Thursday—then you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for Tax Tuesday, you’re in the right place. 

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