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Toby Mathis
Are LLCs Dead or Can They Make A Return?

In this episode of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby Mathis speaks with attorney Jonathan Evans from Anderson Advisors. You’ll hear Toby and Jonathan discuss all the pros and cons of LLCs – they are expensive in some states, more affordable in places like Wyoming and Delaware, they don’t provide the stock tax breaks that other entities do, and there are some investment restrictions. However, the name itself shows one of their greatest benefits which is “Limited Liability” and separating you personally from your business entity. They are flexible, offer a lot of choice, and in the end, are still a good option for setting up your business.


  • Jonathan’s background
  • The problems with LLCs – expenses in certain states
  • LLCs don’t have stock – but there are huge tax breaks for businesses that DO have stock – the 1244 and the 1202
  • Olmstead v. The FTC in Florida’s Supreme Court – opening single -member LLCs to creditors
  • Wyoming is a leader for affordable asset protection
  • Investment restrictions in LLCs vs. corporations
  • LLCs and international investors
  • Disregarded entities and active businesses
  • Some redeeming qualities of LLCs – “Limited Liability” being number one
  • Flexibility and choice in operations with LLCs
  • The LLC is still a valuable entity for your business – work with a professional


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