Navigating Litigation:
Class Actions on Buyer Agent Commissions

How Realtors can create bulletproof asset & commission protection plans

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
9 – 11am PT | 12 – 2pm ET

The Asset & Commission Lawsuit Defense Structures that Realtors Need Today.

We’ll show you…

How to Secure Your Savings

A plan for Personal Residence Protection

A strategy for Brokerage Account Safety

What to do about Real Estate Asset Defense

How to Appear Worthless and build a veil of privacy around your assets

And much more!

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Key Workshop Topics…

Secure Your Savings

You will learn cutting-edge strategies to protect your savings from the ripple effects of broker lawsuits, ensuring your financial security remains intact.

Personal Residence Protection

Find out how to safeguard your personal residence from legal claims or personal judgments.

Brokerage Account Safety

Discover how to shield your brokerage accounts from legal garnishment and place them beyond the reach of possible creditors.

Real Estate Asset Defense

Acquire specialized knowledge to protect your investment properties, ensuring your real estate assets remain unscathed in broker-related legal battles.

How to Appear Worthless

Explore how to build a veil of privacy around all of your assets to discourage possible brokers from seeing you as a soft target thus minimizing your exposure to legal challenges.

Meeting with Advisor

Meet the Speaker

Clint Coons

Clint Coons, Esq.

Founding Partner, Attorney

Anderson Business Advisors

Clint’s ability to cut through the confusion of asset protection for realtors is unmatched. He has taken this high-level topic and reduced it to simple concepts with his easy-to-understand presentations. His use of stories and illustrations allows realtors to see the value of asset protection and why it is so critical to their livelihoods. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and actionable items you will unlikely find anywhere else.

See What People Are Saying

“Without Anderson Advisors, we would have left ourselves open for liability because we had everything in our name.”

– Jason M.

“I’ve learned by asking a million questions, and Anderson Advisors has been terrific – very responsive!”

– Sophia H.

“I was incredibly impressed by what I discovered in my first consultation with Anderson Advisors. It was a no-brainer to become part of their community.”

– Lisa L.

“The structures I’ve learned to implement with Anderson Advisors have given me peace of mind and have become part of my legacy wealth planning, too.”

– Abhishek P.

This workshop is for realtors who want to…

Keep their hard-earned commissions

Shield their savings and investments from legal vulnerabilities

Discover strategies to safeguard their brokerage accounts against legal claims

Protect themselves but don’t know where to begin

Find effective methods to protect your personal residence and real estate assets

Discover proactive legal approaches for long-term wealth protection

Find the tools, education, and support you need

Meeting with Advisor

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