Corporate Compliance –
How to Save Your Assets and Protect Your Business

PRESENTER: Michael Bowman, Attorney, and Business Formation Expert

Notice: If you own a business, you will need to become compliant with the US Corporate Transparency Act

Anderson Partner LawyerSubject: Corporate Compliance
Title: How to Save Your Assets and Protect Your Business
TOPIC: Corporate Compliance is not just a matter of keeping your business looking professional and shuffling paperwork; it can protect you and any other officers, directors or shareholders from personal liability for the corporation’s debts.

We will discuss how to properly maintain corporate formalities (Resolutions, Amendments and Minutes) and protect yourself from personal liabilities.

Topics Including:

  • Reasons why you need to keep corporations and LLC’s compliance for available asset protection benefits and tax deductions.
  • What paperwork is needed to be compliant stock ledger, stock certificate, resolutions, amendments and minutes.
  • Horror stories of situations where people failed to maintain proper compliance.

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