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Anderson Advisors is a proud sponsor of DECA in providing scholarships and internships for high school and college students across the nation who have a deep interest in tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and more. This is an exciting and valuable opportunity to connect with real estate and stock investors, legal teams, and business owners.

Each school year, Anderson provides up to $20,000 in scholarships to select high school and college students who demonstrate exceptional scholastic abilities as well as an aptitude for business.

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Anderson Rising Leader Scholars Program

Students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA are invited to apply for the Anderson Rising Leader Scholarship, a $5,000 scholarship in partnership with DECA. Strong consideration will be given to those who can demonstrate positive contributions to a team and have worked toward shared team goals. Approved examples include team projects with an employer, student organization, events, extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, and/or volunteer work.

The deadline to apply is January 12, 2024.

Emerging Talent

Start your career journey with hands-on internships

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Anderson Business Advisors

Anderson Internship Opportunities

Anderson is offering 8-week Bookkeeping and Tax summer internships to college students.

Academic Credit
Academic credit will vary per school. Please check in with your chapter advisors for details on how you can earn academic credit via our internships.

Tax Internship – Apply Here

Please email us at with any questions on internships and the application process.


Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors

Life at Anderson Business Advisors

Anderson Business Advisors

About Us

Anderson Business Advisors is a legal, tax and business consulting firm with a focus on providing high-quality services to real estate investors, stock traders, and business owners. We help thousands of individuals with services like asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning– just to name a few.

Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors


We provide benefits that are important to our employees’ lives. Supporting our team members with generous PTO, health and dental insurance coverage, and 401k with company match to name a few. We update our benefits regularly and look forward to the opportunity to include you in our diverse group of top-performing teams.

Anderson Business Advisors

Our Culture and Values

At Anderson Business Advisors, we believe that our company was built on a foundation of five core values – Integrity, Resilient, Driven, Innovative, and Conscientious. These five values ensure every team member is working towards the same common goal, and that individually and as part of a team, we are sharing the mission to help our clients Preserve, Protect, and Prosper. When our employees consider these values with every task they perform and every interaction they have, they put themselves on the right track for their personal, their team, and their company’s success.

Anderson Business Advisors


Preserve, Protect, Prosper


To Provide World Class Service at a Level Unseen in the Law and Accounting Industry


Integrity | Resilient | Driven |
Innovative | Conscientious

Anderson Business Advisors

Perks For Our People

Earning points, gift cards, cash, or last year’s new iPad motivates some, but other team members might prefer something more meaningful.

We recognize our talent – offering unique and curated experiences. From meet-ups at Top Golf in Vegas to out-in-the-world adventures, our team’s wellbeing is our top priority.

Whether it be working remotely or offering career advancement opportunities, we’re here to support our people.

Vegas Strong 5k Run

Vegas Strong 5k Run

Giving Back

A huge part of our mission is to contribute to building a better future but our purpose is deeper than that.

We want to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve and we do that by embracing growth while recognizing challenges affecting families and communities across the globe.

To play our part, we’re always looking to join and help a good cause. We’ve teamed up with Toys for Tots, Shade tree, Three Square, and Santa’s Roadies to name a few.

Vegas Strong 5k Run

Vegas Strong 5k Run