Asset protection is important for everyone, from real estate investors to business owners and everyone else in between.

Your personal assets otherwise are vulnerable to any attorney or creditor who wants to go after them, if you are found legally liable in a lawsuit. Having a strategy in place before anything happens then is key.

The Limited Liability Company or LLC is the cornerstone of any successful asset protection strategy.

The LLC provides an incredible “box” that can hold a wide variety of assets, protected by several layers. It doesn’t matter what you put inside them – cash, rental properties, vehicles, etc. LLC asset protection will help save those assets you value most.

In the video below, Anderson partner Clint Coons discusses the following topics:

  • Understanding Liability Classes for your Assets
  • Inside Protection vs Outside Protection
  • Using Charging Order Protections to Your Advantage
  • Where to Set Up Your LLCs

Over the course of this hour, you will learn what an LLC is legally and how to make LLC asset protection your new best friend. Watch Clint explain why lawyers and creditors often settle, once they discover your LLC asset protection measures.

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If, after watching this video, you figure out that your own assets are vulnerable and want them protected, then contact us directly to set up your own FREE Strategy Session with one of our expert Advisors today. They will assess your asset risk and work with you on setting up an LLC asset protection structure just like Clint discusses here. Click here to request your session today and let’s get started.

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