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Tax Tuesdays
How to Fill Out Tax Returns as a Real Estate Investor

If you are a real estate investor, Toby Mathis and Carl Zoellner of Anderson Advisors talk about how to fill out your tax returns. Submit your tax question to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • Can you speak about conservation easements as a way to decrease taxes in the correct and legal way? Conservation easement is donated property for a specific purpose
  • Can an LLC buy back member units from individual members? Technically, your LLC as a whole could buy back member units, but usually when looking at member units in an LLC, ownership’s dictated as a percentage
  • Is doing this when members are IRA accounts, a prohibited transaction? It depends
  • What line numbers on tax returns are the most important when trying to qualify for funding as a self-employed sole member LLC as a real estate investor? Refer to schedules A, C, E, and K-1 on Form 1040
  • If I want to establish an Airbnb from my timeshare, how do I structure my entities? What is the best way to operate that to save tax? Depends on timeshare rules and then refer to IRS’s Publication 925

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Toby: All right, guys. Hopefully, you’re able to see us and everything’s good. My name’s Toby Mathis, and I’m joined by Carl Zoellner. What’s up, brother?

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