Tax & Asset Protection Workshop 2019

The Leading Tax & Asset Protection Workshop in North America

NOVEMBER 18-20, 2019 | LAS VEGAS, NV


Discover the tax reduction and asset protection strategies
the super-wealthy use to grow their holdings for generations.


Are you a real estate investor or business owner? Learn how to protect your real estate, business, and personal assets using various strategies at the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop. This workshop is the first level in our educational workshop series. If you have not structured your business or you’re worried about your current structure, there’s a good chance you’re losing thousands of dollars every year and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Join us at the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop, and learn how to protect yourself and your business! Reserve your seat today!

Risk Reduction

Land Trusts

Buy and Sell





Identifying the Threats to Wealth Accumulation

Every real estate investor is aware that investing can pose a risk to their personal wealth and investments, but understanding that risk is key to developing a plan. In this section, you will learn the various threats and legal trends that put you and your investments/assets at risk.

 Reducing Risk

They can only take what they can find. A key component of every effective asset protection plan is making yourself appear worthless to your potential creditors.


Investing in Real Estate with IRAs and 401ks

Self-directed IRAs and qualified retirement plans (QRPs): breaking down the differences between these very different tax-deferred investing options. 

Land Trusts

Land trusts are the most used, but least understood, tool real estate investors have in their investing toolbox. If properly used, the land trust can solve many issues with transferring and owning property. 

Making the Transition to Generational Wealth

Structuring the passing of your real estate is imperative to preserving the wealth you are building. In this section, you will learn how a living trust is the foundation of all planning and how the provisions you incorporate today can have a meaningful benefits for years to come.


Real Estate Business Tax Strategies

It’s not what you make, but what you KEEP. Real estate investors struggle to find accurate and relevant advice when it comes to taxes. Have you wondered why? It’s simple – most CPAs are not investors. In this section, you will learn how to maximize deductions, structure your return to preserve your investor status, and make tax-free income.

 Joint Ventures

Investing with others poses significant liability concerns for those who do not understand the risks and the importance of managing expectations. 

Short-term Investing

The greatest tax threat to short-term real estate investing is being classified as a dealer; however, this is easily avoided with the proper structure. 

 Long-term Deals

Investing long-term in real estate requires having knowledge of the appropriate structure from both a legal and tax perspective. Many investors have made mistakes when it comes to selling their property because the structure they originally set up for protection is killing them on their sale.


Clint Coons, Esq.

Clint Coons, Esq.

Author, Attorney, & Real Estate Asset Protection Expert

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Attorney, Author, and Business Owner

Michael Bowman, Esq.

Michael Bowman, Esq.

Attorney, Author, and Trainer

Aaron Soffer, Esq.

Aaron Soffer, Esq.


Carl Zoellner, Esq.

Carl Zoellner, Esq.

Attorney, Admitted to the State Bar of Texas

Disclaimer: Speakers are subject to change.

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NOVEMBER 18-20, 2019 | LAS VEGAS, NV

 Keep the IRS out of your pockets

 Properly structure your business & assets

 Recognize risks to your wealth

 Create lucrative partnerships & more!



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