Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care is not just for the elderly. Learn why you need to prepare for the unexpected before it’s too late.


Long Term Care is Not Just for the Elderly.

When you think of long term care (LTC) solutions, you probably think of nursing homes, assisted living, or custodial care. While these solutions are most often for the elderly, needs often arise for individuals who do not fit the typical criteria.

What Does Long Term Care Mean to You?

The best case scenario is that you and your loved ones will not need long term care, especially not before you reach retirement age. However for many people, this is not the case. Unforeseen illness or injury, early onset disease, or chronic illness are just a few reasons that you might need funds for something you might otherwise not plan for.

How Anderson Can Help with Long Term Care Planning

We have experts at Anderson who specialize in financial and retirement planning. We can tailor long term care solutions to fit any need. An LTC policy can work on a standalone basis, but more commonly we will run certain life insurance policies with a “rider” that can plan for these needs. Let our professionals analyze your situation to determine your potential financial short falls.

When Might Long Term Care Be Needed?

  • For elderly who can no longer care for themselves on a daily basis
  • If someone has suffered from a traumatic brain injury
  • Stroke victims
  • Those with diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or Muscular Dystrophy


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