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Why Choose Anderson’s Corporate Concierge Plan?

In today’s lawsuit-obsessed business environment, it is not enough to just run your business; you need to protect your business as well. Ignoring essential corporate paperwork (formalities) can leave you and your business vulnerable in the event of a lawsuit or IRS audit. In fact, many successful lawsuits have turned on the business owners’ failures to keep accurate and current business records of resolutions, required meetings, resignations, and more.

Done-for-you Paperwork

Anderson’s Corporate Concierge Plan was developed to free you from the worry and frustration of maintaining your business records. It is unfortunate but over 78% of the businesses we review annually do not have proper documentation. One audit or lawsuit could destroy their business shield without the proper documentation. With our Corporate Concierge Plan, you will not fall into the 78%.


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The Anderson Advantage


Individualized tax planning to help you keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible.


Asset protection strategies and solutions to shield your assets and limit personal liability.


Retirement and financial planning and wealth management strategies to maximize what you already have.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • A review of all existing business formation documents, resolutions and annual meeting minutes
  • Checklist of essential agreements and business compliance issues often overlooked by business owners
  • Drafting of any missed resolutions or annual meetings
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual minute service designed to memorialize your business decisions by drafting the appropriate resolutions and meeting minutes
  • Periodic compliance updates to keep you informed of your business legal compliance obligations

Anderson’s Corporate Concierge Plan is the best way to ensure that your business is operating properly. Let Anderson take care of the detail work, so you can spend more time on your business.

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NOTE: the business protection plan is included in the Anderson Nevada nexus package.


Anderson Advisors FAQ

What is Anderson’s Corporate Concierge?

Our Corporate Concierge service provides monthly minutes and resolutions for your entities. Meetings and resolutions ensure your entities are up to date and in compliance.

What are the benefits of Corporate Concierge?


All corporations are required to have annual directors and shareholders meetings. Also, many people don’t realize that their LLC operating agreement might require annual meetings as well. In addition, all entities are required to have resolutions for decisions that are made, such as changes in ownership, opening bank accounts, or the reimbursement of expenses. Operating in a businesslike manner makes it more difficult for the courts to pierce through your corporate veil. With Corporate Concierge, you will feel confident that your entity will remain in compliance. 

I have an LLC, can I still have Corporate Concierge?

Yes. It is called “Corporate Concierge”, but corporations, LLCs, and LPs all need to maintain corporate compliance. With our Corporate Concierge service, we will draft meeting minutes and resolutions for up to three of your entities. Do you have more than three? Speak with an advisor today.

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