March 16-18, 2020 | Charleston, SC


The Largest Tax & Asset Protection Event in North America

$995 $49 for you and a business partner or spouse

“Discover the tax reduction and asset protection strategies the super-wealthy use to grow their holdings for generations.”



How our average client legally saves $12,000 a year in income taxes after overpaying with previous tax advisors!

 How to legally make your personal assets “invisible” to anyone trying to take your wealth!

How to avoid the 11 biggest legal and tax mistakes real estate investors make when buying, selling, or leasing properties

 How to recognize and avoid costly dangers to your financial freedom!

 What most attorneys and CPAs get wrong about real estate investors’ legal risks, and how to build a force field around your personal wealth!

 How to turbocharge your real estate profits using methods no one’s ever told you, especially your lawyer and CPA!


Are you a real estate investor or business owner? Learn how to protect your real estate, business, and personal assets using various strategies at the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop. This workshop is the first level in our education workshop series. If you have not structured your business or you’re worried about your current structure, there’s a good chance you’re losing thousands of dollars every year and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Join us at the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop, and learn how to protect yourself and your business! 

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An Asset Protection and Tax Planning Event Like No Other


Legal Challenges

Every real estate investor is aware that investing can pose a risk to their personal wealth and investments, but understanding that risk essential to developing a plan.

Privacy Shield Protection

They can only take what they can find. A key component of every effective asset protection plan is making yourself appear worthless to your potential creditors. You will learn how to use land trusts and anonymity-compliant LLCs to boost your overall asset protection plan.

International Finance & Tax-Free Retirement

What is FATCA? What about CRS? How will these impact money flow? Who will be affected and why is money coming back to the US? Join Naya Zhao and Philip Hu as they tackle these and other essential questions for real estate investors including the best tax savings plans for retirement and estate planning.

Entity Protection

One size does not fit all, so why do investors continue to take this approach with their planning? An effective plan requires knowing where to organize, how to organize, and the appropriate type of entity for various forms of real estate investing.  



Creative Legal Structures

Putting together an overall protection plan for real estate is more than just setting up entities; it is about developing a comprehensive business plan that works for, and not against, your investing.  

Investing in Real Estate with an SDIRA or Solo 401k

Strategies specifically designed for tax-deferred and tax-free accounts allow real estate investors to generate wealth much faster.  The key is knowing how to capitalize on your retirement accounts to take your investing to another level. 

2019 Real Estate Trends to Turbocharge Your Investing

Anna Myers delivers a power-packed talk about key trends you absolutely MUST know about before you start planning your 2019 and beyond investments. This is a not-to-be-missed investment presentation for both the analytical and opportunisctic investors. 

Generational Planning

Structuring the passing of your real estate is imperative to preserving all that you are building. Learn how a simple technique will ensure the wealth you build today will benefit generations of your descendants for years to come. 


Avoiding Uncle Sam

The key to building wealth through real estate is understanding the difference between income and taxable income.  Through a combination of the right entities and tax strategies, every real estate investor has the potential to increase their income but decrease their taxes.

Joint Ventures

Investing with others poses significant liability concerns for those who do not understand the risks and the importance of managing expectations. Before you partner with other investors to make larger deals, you must know the proper structures to protect your assets.

Land Trusts

Land trusts are the most used, but least understood, tool real estate investors have in their investing toolbox. If properly used, the land trust can solve many issues with transferring and owning property. This tool is essential for all forms of investing and is the second-most-utilized entity after the LLC.

March 16-18, 2019 / Charleston, SC

Keep the IRS out of your pockets

 Properly structure your business & assets

Recognize risks to your wealth

Create lucrative partnerships & more!

Plus, learn about:

– Tax shelters and tax reduction techniques
– Asset planning
– Corporate structures & LLCs
– New tax laws and how to take advantage of them
– Protecting your investments from lawsuits
– Avoiding probate
– Eliminating stock market risk
– Creating passive income streams with real estate
– Tax-free investing through your own non-profit



“This event easily saved us $10k-$20k in taxes!”

Hyrum R.


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Absolutely the best business, tax, trust, and asset protection attorneys in the country with reasonable fees. Caring, accurate, and knowledgeable advice for any business investor – real estate, taxes, LLCs, and trusts.

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We are very happy with the help, guidance and patience that we receive when dealing with Anderson Business Advisors.

- Tammy W

I love Anderson, they have been able to walk me through every step of the way for creating my businesses and doing taxes. The best part about them is they don’t just tell you what to do, they educate you on why things are the way they are, and the tax and business laws. 

- Matt D

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