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The Tax Tips You’ve Always Needed to Create the Ultimate Tax Shelter

You’re Overpaying Your Taxes… Here’s What to Do About It

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It’s almost like having a CPA in a box… almost.

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If you’ve ever wanted a tax attorney on retainer to help you make the best use of all the intricacies, nuances, and little technicalities that run rampant through the tax code…. The Tax Toolbox is your next best thing.

The Tax Toolbox

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The Tax Toolbox

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The Tax Toolbox course offers straightforward videos to guide you through essential tax stratagies. You can watch them in any order, applying each tool to enhance your overall tax strategy according to your needs.

The Tax Toolbox

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

When you put your new tax strategies into action, you’ll enjoy increased profitability and investing power you can use to ramp up your business.

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The Tax Toolbox


What's Included

Everything you need to lower your taxes right at your fingertips.

45+ Training Videos

You get access to 45+ expert-led video training modules covering Toby Mathis’ favorite tax tips, strategies, and advanced techniques. These are the tips and tricks that Toby uses with his investing and small business.

    80+ IRS Forms & Publications

    Includes every reference in the tax code showing you how to do it. It gives you the confidence to know your taxes are following the letter of the law.

    Welcome to the Tax Toolbox!

    Mark and Matt are two old college buddies and fellow business owners. They meet for a drinks, and since Mark has found some success in his market, and boasts about his profits this year.

    Matt looks at him and suppresses a smile. It would be rude to brag, but he gently tells his friend the truth: his profits far surpassed Mark’s.

    They meet again the next year for their annual catch-up. This time, the difference between them is even more glaring. Mark ramped up his investing and networking activity to catch up with Mattand proudly announces that his business had closed the gap. But not so, because Matt’s business increased profits by another 15%!


    Anderson Business Advisors

    So, what’s the difference between these two business owners?

    In short, the answer is simple, and you can probably even guess it: it’s knowledge. Know-how.

    While many business strategies involve marketing, networking, and creative structures, one surefire ways to increase your profitability and ramp up your business and investing power is simply through how you implement your tax strategies.

    We get it. No one likes taxes. No one wants to give the tax man part of their hard earned money. But the thing is, the IRS depends on the fear that taxes create. So most people don’t look further into how to USE the tax code to their advantage—instead, they let it use them.

    And trust us, the tax code is using you. If you’re not paying attention to tax laws, then you’re overpaying your taxes. It’s that simple.

    For a very limited time, we’re offering this comprehensive and powerful money-saving resource for business owners and investors for ONE THIRD of its retail price.

    Yes, we all owe our fair share of taxes… but you don’t have to leave Uncle Sam a tip.


    A value of $2,000

    Yours now for only $995

    The Tax Toolbox includes over seventy tax strategy training videos — hand-selected by renowned tax attorney Toby Mathis, Esq. — specifically for real estate investors and business owners. This curated selection of the most impactful tips, techniques, and pieces of the tax code could easily save you thousands of dollars in one year of overpaid taxes.

    As an active real estate investor and successful small business owner, Toby Mathis didn’t get to this point by being afraid of the tax code. That fear keeps most people stuck in the same cycle of overpaying year after year. Most investors either overpay out of fear of being audited. Or they wing it, attracting the unwanted attention of the IRS.

    With your Tax Toolbox gives expert guidance from nationally-regarded tax attorneys on the best, most effective, and money-saving tax strategies. You’ll also get the specific items and exhibits found in the tax code that prove the legality and effectiveness of these strategies. With this powerful video series and accompanying supplemental documents, you can be confident you have everything you need to lower your taxes right at your fingertips.

    You may be thinking, “But tax laws change all the time. Will this be useful to me after this year?” And if that’s your question, you’re already smarter than most. These comprehensive tax code exhibits will be updated along with the tax code as it evolves. This means you can always count on your Tax Toolbox as a resource for investing and business prowess.

    On top of that, you’ll also get some of Toby’s favorite ancillary resources to help shore up your tax deductions. The Tax Toolbox helps ensure you’re making the most of your entity structure—like fillable spreadsheets and downloadable worksheets to use all the tips Toby covers. Altogether, it’s a $2,000 value for ONLY $995, but this special pricing is only available for a limited time. Don’t wait and pay more later — get your Tax Toolbox at this special price now!

    Discover tax-saving strategies like:

    • When dealing with the IRS, discover the three types of income every business owner needs to know—failure to understand this could negatively affect your bottom line.
    • Why having your children do work for you (i.e., pushing a broom, filing, marketing, etc.) could mean substantial tax benefits. Easiest money ever!
    • How to strategically use Income Splitting to reduce losses and leverage gains. If you like to dine out, you don’t want to miss this super simple strategy!
    • How a Medical Reimbursement Plan can be virtually unlimited—but be careful. This only applies to certain situations. Getting this wrong could be costly!
    • What’s going on with 1031 Exchanges? Find out everything you need to know so you can leverage your assets to make lucrative investments!


    Toby Mathis

    Toby Mathis, Esq.

    Founder, Attorney, Investor, and Best-Selling Author

    Toby is an active real estate investor, a successful business owner, and a tax attorney on a mission to help investors and business owners keep and grow more. A founding partner of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby helped Anderson grow its practice from one of business and estate planning to a thriving tax practice and registered agent service with tens of thousands of clients nationwide.


    Erik Oliver

    Scott Estill

    Speaker, Author, Attorney

    Scott Estill is a nationally recognized and sought-after tax speaker and author. He has written multiple books and has hosted many workshops that help people and businesses save money via tax planning, tax deductions, and strategies—for immediate and long-term future impact. Until 1995, Scott was a Senior Trial Attorney with the IRS. He left the IRS to give taxpayers the edge by showing them how to fight the IRS and win!


    A value of $2,000

    Yours now for only $995