Asset Protection Strategies For Your Small Business

When starting a business, there are so many things to take into consideration. Your only worry should be what you want to name it.


There is so much information out there about asset protection and starting your own business, but how do you know what information is right, and what is right for you? Anderson is the only one who looks at your situation as a whole and takes everything into consideration – asset protection, tax planning, and wealth management.

We know how much work you have and will put in to your small business to get it up and running, we were there once too. With so many things to take into consideration, we want you to feel confident that you are setting up your business in the right way. Our expert business advisors will sit down with you to discuss what you are doing and what you need. We will ensure you are setting up correct entity type with the appropriate tax status, help you plan for medical and business expense deductions, and even help you plan for your and your employee’s retirement. We offer comprehensive business solutions for small business owners in all 50 states.



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Yes, I would like $750 worth of time with an incorporation and asset protection advisor for free.

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Why Trust Anderson For Your Business Structuring Needs?

Comprehensive Blueprint Designed Just For You

For even the most educated small business owner, it is hard to understand and develop a comprehensive asset protection blueprint for minimizing your taxes and protecting your assets. At Anderson, we live these subjects every day and we are confident that we can help you create a structured, personalized blueprint to meet your needs.

Experience You Can Trust

Your team of asset protection specialists has been meticulously designed to include experts in every facet of the field. Our team of attorneys and advisors are masters in their industry and have decades of experience under their belt. They have teamed up with CPAs and tax preparers who specialize in business tax planning and preparation. By combining this experience with a team of wealth management gurus, Anderson guarantees that any need you have related to your business can be serviced in-house.

Anderson Business Advisors
Anderson Business Advisors

Take a look at these actual client stories to see how much of a difference an Anderson plan can make.

“$2 million lawsuit reduced to $100,000 settlement

We set up a Nevada LLC for a client with significant savings. She was sued 3 years later for an environmental claim stemming from property she owned over 30 years before. Plaintiff wanted over $2 million in damages for the cleanup. After we disclosed that her assets were protected by a Nevada LLC and a HELOC on her residence Plaintiff accepted less than $100k in a settlement.

“Avoided $5.5 million judgement”

A bank wanted to pursue one of our clients for a deficiency judgement ($5.5 million) for commercial real estate he lost in foreclosure. Once the bank found out how we protected all of our clients remaining assets with LLCs and a Nevada holding LLC the bank’s attorney stated “we decline to seek a deficiency judgment given the complicated structure you have weaved for yourself”.

“$1 Million in personal liability avoided

Our client purchased property in a LLC and it was later discovered the soil beneath the property was contaminated. The state sued the LLC to clean up the land. Client walked away from the property without any personal liability. Without the LLC he would have been on the hook for over $1 million.

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