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Our Expertise

Incorporation Services

Entity Formation

Full service entity formation for Corporations, LLCs, and Limited Partnerships and a personalized structure created by an attorney. Preparation of all the necessary documents to provide you a fully functioning business.
Trust Formation Services

Entity Management

Ongoing, continuous support for your businesses including registered agent services, corporation headquarters and concierge services, meeting minutes, bookkeeping, and business financing, funding, and planning.
Tax Services

Wills & Trusts

Planning and development of the proper trust for every situation. A revocable living trust, land trust, or Nevada Asset Protection Trust can ensure your estate is handled and distributed appropriately.

Tax & Accounting

CPAs and tax preparers who work directly with your attorneys and advisors. Our tax department specializes in preparing taxes for businesses and small business owners.
Registered Agent

Wealth Management

Creation of an all-encompassing wealth management plan including retirement planning, financial services, and life insurance. Ensure that the business you are doing now works with your future plans.

Our Advisors

Clint Coons

Clint Coons, Esq.

Founding Partner
Toby Mathis

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Founding Partner

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Who We Help

Business Owners

Business Owners

Protect your business, your family and your future by working with us to develop a complete plan.
Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors

Structure your investments to save on taxes, protect your assets and lower liability.
Stock Traders

Stock Traders

Lower your tax liability from trading and work with professional Lawyers and CPAs who understand your industry.

Freelancers & ICs

Are you a Freelancer; Looking for ways to save on taxes and ensure your assets are protected? Speak with an Advisor today.


I am extremely pleased with the level of service that I have received so far. I joined in March 2015 and what I’ve learned thus far has been very valuable to me and to my business. I had a chance to stop in the office in Las Vegas and personally meet with some of the people who helped with my paperwork and get some advice of how to handle certain situations. A big thank you to Seth and Erica.

Donna Davis, Snellville, GA

I am so happy with services from Anderson. I feel very secured. Whenever I have questions or issues, Anderson takes care of me quickly.  Originally I formed my LLCs using other law firm. It was my big mistake. The law firm formed LLCs but that was it. They just dumped me all documents in CD and they provided me no supports at all.
Akira Hasegawa, Chapel Hill, NC

What a BLAST! Not many people can take a subject like tax strategies and entity structuring and make it so much fun while learning so much. Caroline S., Atlanta, GA

About Us

Anderson Business Advisors is a full-service business planning and consulting firm specializing in assisting real estate investors, stock market investors, and small business owners. Anderson serves clients nationally with headquarters in Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV. As a client of Anderson, you will have access to a team of attorneys, business advisors, CPAs, a complete tax department, and wealth management and financial planning experts. We are confident that our company will satisfy all of your business needs and exceed your expectations. Explore our services here. Learn more.

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