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10 Common and Costly Asset Protection Mistakes Many Real Estate Investors Make


Real estate is a great way to build wealth. It’s also a great way to get taken to the cleaners if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Avoid these 10 real estate asset protection mistakes to properly shield everything you’re building now and increase your profitability.


  • Think all that’s at risk with a failed offer is your earnest money? Think again.
  • The #1 LLC mistake that causes investors to lose everything
  • Major tax headaches that cost thousands.. all because of one decision
  • Transferring real estate? There’s a right and wrong way to do that.
  • What all online entity mills get wrong about WHERE to establish your LLC
  • How to prevent your investments from becoming a sitting duck for frivolous lawsuits

Don’t blow your liability protection or risk everything you own. Learn from other investors’ mistakes instead of making them yourself.

10 Common and Costly Asset Protection Mistakes Many Real Estate Investors Make will teach you the most common real estate investing mistakes with MAJOR price tags attached. Our firm has worked with tens of thousands of investors nationwide, and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to real estate investing pitfalls and possibilities. Avoiding these big-time mistakes could save you tens — maybe HUNDREDS — of thousands of dollars in your investing. Whether you buy and hold, fix and flip, do multifamily deals, or invest with your retirement account, this eBook has the plain-language answers your investing needs. Don’t wait to make one of these big mistakes and pay through the nose for it — download your copy now to learn from expert asset protection attorney Clint Coons, Esq. what to do to protect yourself and your wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I already work with a CPA or legal professional. Do I really need this information?

The cold, hard facts of the matter are that most professionals who don’t actually invest in real estate themselves don’t understand all the nuances and intricate ins and outs of what you CAN do and what you CAN’T do — let alone what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do. As an active real estate investor with over 100 properties across the country in my portfolio — plus as an asset protection attorney who’s worked with thousands of real estate investor clients — I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve witnessed firsthand how much these mistakes can cost you. Your accountant or legal professional might know about one or two of these, but hey — it’s a free eBook. What have you got to lose?

I set up an LLC for my investing. Isn’t that enough?

Most professional real estate investors extoll the benefits of using an LLC with real estate, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with. But when it comes to the legal field of entity structuring for maximum profitability, tax benefits, and asset protection — there are a lot of considerations at play, not just a one-size-fits-all LLC. These real estate mistakes are costly and painful — don’t make the mistake of thinking an LLC is all you need to protect what you’re building.




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