How to Run a Successful Short-Term Rental

Developed by leading attorneys and tax experts in the real estate investing area, Running a Successful Short-Term Rental is a comprehensive four-part digital video training series designed to help you create the best game plan on how to run your short-term rental business.

Two Packages to Choose From

Anderson Business Advisors

Over One Hour of Training Videos

Why Trust Anderson For Your Business Structuring Needs?

Comprehensive Assessment Tailored To You

The wrong setup of your business now could mean more taxes and liability later. That’s where we’re really different. We take a comprehensive look at your situation not only from a legal asset protection perspective but also from a tax savings and financial planning perspective.

Experience You Can Trust

Unlike other law firms, our consultants consist of attorneys and planners who travel nationwide to speak at conferences and seminars on subject matters concerning asset protection, taxes and business planning. Since 1993, we have taught tens of thousands of people how to make better business decisions and properly prepare to meet their goals.

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