Special Year End Tax Planning Package

Troubleshooting Tips

For optimal performance, we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome on your desktop computer.

The livestream should have started but nothing’s happening.
First, make sure you inputted your Name, Email address and phone number. If nothing happens, try refreshing your web browser.

I don’t see a video player on this webpage.
Third party cookies will need to be enabled in your browser’s privacy settings. Update your settings and refresh the page or close/reopen your browser.

I can see the video, but there’s no sound.
Check to see that your speakers are connected/turned on and/or the volume is adjusted to an audible level. If your settings are correct, try refreshing the browser or closing it and rejoining the session. If you are watching from your smartphone we recommend using headphones for optimal sound.

The video feed appears to have stopped.
Refresh your web browser as the stream may have been interrupted.

How can I view prior days and slides?
Click the POSTS Livestream: Year-End Tax Planning 2018 icon in the upper right corner and select the post you want to see. Prior events and links to the slides will be in this POSTS section.

I have other technical questions.
If you still can’t access the Livestream please contact Livestream at 877-977-8732. or visit the Livestream help page.