We want to thank everyone who joined us on our latest webinar, “The #1 Tool Every Real Estate Investor Needs” with Clint Coons. Below are the answers to some questions he was not able to get to. You can also watch the replay by clicking the link below.

James: For maximum asset protection, should the single-member LLCs holding the land trusts be manager-managed, member-managed, or does it matter?

Clint: It does not matter but if you want to create an anonymity compliant structure then each of the LLCs owned by your Nevada LLC should be member-managed.

Neal: We have a personal residence (titled in the name of our family trust) that we are thinking of selling but this sale might occur before the 2-year IRS exclusion of $250k per person can take effect. There will be a sizeable, taxable profit. We also have an Anderson-managed, Nevada “C” corp that has yet-to-be-recovered, accumulated expenses that exceed the value of the expected profit on the personal residence. Can we deed the title of our personal residence to our “C” corp before the sale and then use the corporation’s accumulated expenses to offset the profit on the house sale? If so, how soon should the transfer be executed prior to the actual sale?

Clint: This would not be a good strategy.  If you want to pick up the loss consider closing down your corporation and claiming 1244 stock loss treatment.  I assume we set up your corporation so this election was made upon incorporation.

Pablo: Texas parents want to transfer properties to minors and retain a life estate – can this be set up?

Clint: Yes, but it will be set up through a Qualified Personal Residence Trust. For more information on a Qualified Personal Residence Trust visit our website here.

Connie: Can you refinance property already in a trust in Florida?

Clint: No problem if your bank agrees to the refinance.

Jim: A local attorney here in PA told me that the beneficiary must be disclosed to the county.

Clint: Correct on the initial transfer.  The county requests a copy of the trust to ensure it is not a taxable transfer.  As I indicated on the webinar, I have a workaround if you would like to use a land trust.

Anderson Advisors Webinar Replay