When you’re constantly busy running your company, you’re leaving very little time to actually think about expanding your business. Take the time to step back from your never-ending task list and focus your attention on the future. It’s essential for both you and your business. Once you get unstuck, only then can you truly start growing.

A retreat is a great way to step back and get a new perspective on things, learn from experts and professionals like you, and just refresh and reboot.

Entrepreneurs and corporate executives find retreats are a prime opportunity to recharge and regroup. While they might hate the thought of leaving their office, their staff, and their workload behind for a few days, they often leave these retreats feeling that they’ve used their time wisely. What they lost in time, they’ve gained in knowledge, new contacts, growth, and overall clarity.

Getting the Best Retreat ROI

Here are a few things you should focus on in order to get the best bang for your retreat buck, and more importantly, your time:  

  • Remember that it’s an investment in your business. To get value from it, you have to participate fully, not just physically show up. As the leader, you’re the only one who has the whole picture of your business. Your vision creates the goals to get where you want to be.
  • Sometimes it takes hearing from other people to help you see things differently. You don’t know what you don’t know, and seeing what other investors, business owners, and high-level managers are doing will most likely spark inspiration for your own ideas.
  • Connect with the other attendees. Chances are you’ll meet high performing peers with strengths in places you’re not as strong. You could meet your next business partner, or at the very least, someone you can keep in touch with to bounce ideas off of later and keep each other accountable.

Choosing a Retreat

When choosing what type of retreat to attend, the first thing you should do is evaluate what it is that you really need. If inspirational speeches and trust exercises aren’t your things, seek out options that focus on learning something you’re interested in. It is your responsibility to make sure you get value while you’re there so you can bring home the tools, motivation, contacts, and direction back to your business.

Location, Location, Location

The next thing to look at is where it happens. Retreat agendas are usually jam packed full of business and personal development activities, education, training, and networking. When the day is over, you’ll undoubtedly be mentally exhausted and overwhelmed with the experiences of the day. Choose a retreat whose destination appeals to you, whether that be relaxing or exciting, comforting or exotic, historical or tropical.

What Happens Next

Finally, the most important element of any executive retreat is what happens when it’s over. The right retreat for you is one that facilitates sharing candid, intimate, and honest experiences with your peers. This results in new ideas and new ways of thinking that wouldn’t have happened if you stayed home.

Using these principles, Anderson Business Advisors held the first annual Executive Retreat for Real Estate Investors in Maui last year. This exclusive retreat was designed to bring a perfect balance of education, professional advice, networking, and rejuvenation.

After the event, attendees shared that they:

  • “Discovered new avenues and approaches for investing that we had never thought of.”
  • “Got to mix with like-minded people who do things differently than I do, in ways and strategies I had never even heard about.”
  • “Never realized there were so many ways to expand my business.”
  • “Learned from other people that are actually doing what I do; understanding what they’re doing and how they’re doing it was mindblowing.”

If you’re a real estate investor, Anderson’s Executive Retreat is the perfect place to get your head, heart, and business intentions together. For more information about this transformational event and how you can get a spot at this year’s retreat, visit https://andersonadvisors.com/retreat2017/.