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Erase wealth-building obstacles with proven asset protection strategies to avoid potential lawsuits and grow a profitable portfolio with your FREE 45-minute one-on-one Strategy Session with a highly-experienced Certified Senior Advisors — exclusive to Passive Income Docs.

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Strategy Session – Passive Income MD 09.23.2022

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Strategy Session – Passive Income MD 09.23.2022

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Strategy Session – Passive Income MD 09.23.2022

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A demonstration is the best marketing. After working with a few thousand Physicians, we are confident that you will want to build a relationship after speaking with us.

Not only will we help you design a plan to mitigate current and future risk, but we also specialize in tax reduction strategies to build wealth faster.

If you are interested in protecting your investments, saving for retirement, or reducing taxes, we recommend that you schedule your call soon. Our team only has a limited number of slots available for free sessions each month, so act now!

During Your Strategy Session we will:

   Ask you about your current circumstances, such as are you working for a hospital or part of a partnership. What are your passive income investing interests including how much do you anticipate earning from your endeavors?

   Obtain detailed information from you about your wealth: what you have, where it is kept, what you are doing with it, what money and assets you expect to receive in the near future, who is financially dependent on you, and so on.

   Discuss with you your short-term and long-term aims and goals, investments (real estate, syndications, securities, etc.), and retirement plans.

   Recommend solutions for how best to avoid professional and personal liability, protect your business and investment assets, and reduce taxes.

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Recognized by the best.

Anderson Business Advisors

Best group of lawyers and accountants around – the only ones I’ve ever liked! Exceedingly knowledgable about asset protection and tax mitigation strategies.”

Gene Lius, MD
Beverly Hills, California

Why thousands of Physicians work with Anderson every year

Anderson Advisors takes a unique approach to asset protection. Unlike other firms, we combine business owners’ most frequently consulted professionals — attorneys & CPAs — in one place so that you can benefit from BOTH perspectives.

When was the last time your asset protection attorney, your tax attorney, and your CPA all sat down together and built YOUR BEST PLAN for your benefit?

Anderson Advisors builds comprehensive asset protection, tax reduction, and business streamlining plans for business owners & investors.

If you’re ready to cut through the noise and get everyone on the same page working for YOU, schedule your Strategy Session now to get started.

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What we can do for you

One Size Does Not Fit All

Are you concerned about how your assets and wealth should be protected? We approach each client as individuals, with a unique set of circumstances and their own particular needs and goals.

This approach requires our lawyers, CPAs, and Strategists to think outside the box, enabling us to provide each client with a bespoke service and tailored solutions that will work for them. Our advisors are well-versed in the many ways in which you can effectively protect your wealth and safeguard your future. Our nationally recognized principals, Clint Coons and Toby Mathis have decades of success advising and representing Physicians on their tax and asset protection needs.

   Entity Formation

   Asset Protection Planning

   Tax Planning 

   Wills & Trusts

   Retirement Planning

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A step above the rest

Anderson Advisors is the nation’s premier entity provider. Our biggest competitors in entity formation and planning are primarily non-legal firms. This means they don’t have the same ethical standards or commitment to quality that we do. We’re not here to offer false hope or ill-informed promises. We’re here to be an ally to investors and business owners with blackletter law and solutions to the most common obstacles.

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