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Experience the impact of investing in Shared Housing.

Learn how to capitalize on this remarkable opportunity while taking care of those who need it most.

You don’t need a lot of money. You just need a big heart!

Let us show you how to generate substantial cash flow through a rental or a buy & hold home you may already own.

There is a huge need for shared housing.

You can be the answer many people are looking for!

At this event, you will learn how to turn one single-family house into a monthly $4,000-$10,000 cash flow!

Shared Housing is the best opportunity for the next 20 years in real estate investing.

You will learn how to capitalize on this mega-trend and be financially resilient in any market in years to come!

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Achieve double or even triple your returns paid by agencies and the government without complicated paperwork.

Using the Shared Housing formula, the same home that typically rents for $2,000 a month can now be rented for $6,000 a month.

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Frank & Sherri are the world’s best educators on this hot topic

Each year, the federal government spends billions of dollars on housing for people in need. The government requires those who house them to practice national standards. We teach you how to implement these standards.

Join us and others who are changing the world through shared housing!

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Frank and Sherri have discovered and perfected a proven formula

Using the Shared Housing formula, you’ll know exactly how to start your own shared housing that will bring in a nice income and help those in need.

You’ll learn how to attract respectful and appreciative residents that will pay more because of the opportunity that Shared Housing provides for them.

Who do you help with these homes?

You can use your Shared Housing homes to provide quality homes for:

  • Seniors in Golden Girl and Golden Boy homes
  • Disabled veterans who need a home
  • Men and women with justice issues
  • People in recovery of all kinds
  • Foster kids or special needs adults
  • Short Term rentals like Airbnb
  • Student housing
  • Adult children with Neurodiversity challenges
Contract Disputes

Frank and Sherri Candelairo will share how to tap into BILLIONS OF DOLLARS available in State and Federal funds, so you can double and triple your cash flow each month!



Discover why Shared Housing is the BEST REAL ESTATE Investment for years to come! 

  1. Can I use the home I have now for shared housing?
  2. How much more revenue can I make with it instead of a regular rental?
  3. If I have a family member that needs help, can I use it for them?
  4. Does the government pay for shared housing?
  5. Can I lease my home and get DOUBLE the rent?

Get the answers to these questions and many more by signing up for this unique event. Space is limited, so sign up now.

Here’s What You Will Discover at This Event

  • How Fair Housing laws benefit landlords who want to provide shared housing
  • Good Neighbor policies that make you respected in the community
  • How to acquire desirable homes, in appreciating neighborhoods with curb appeal AND have it paid for by others
  • The basics of the medications that your clients use so YOU can get paid by insurance and contracts
  • National accreditation standards so that you are first in line for state and federal funds.
  • How a 501C3 opens doors for homes and contracts as well as a host of benefits

PLUS, so much more on how Shared Housing is one of the best investments you can make!

5 ways to take advantage of the NARR certification to help vulnerable Americans and make money at the same time

1. You can purchase and rent a home at a higher rate to a housing provider who has NARR certified homes.   Once someone has NARR certification on a home, it is an easy process to add more homes to the certification.

2. You can create a 501C3  non-profit to hold the income from a contract for a NARR certified home.  Most contracts are in the name of the non-profit to provide a program of recovery.  Most non-profits who provide funding seem to prefer to give funds to another non-profit.  You can have a passive investor provide the home

3. You can become a housing provider in a home that is a single-family rental, if the home has the right parameters for shared, transitional housing. In this model, you either self-manage, or have a house leader.

4. You can purchase a home that is currently a non-certified sober home, have it certified and obtain the higher priced contracts and fees that are only available to certified homes.

5. An investor can provide the home for a higher rate of return and reap the benefits of a passive income.


Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. had a dream of ending housing insecurity for the vulnerable. They realized that the private sector can buy real estate and have the house payments made by state and federal dollars.

By placing men and women in great neighborhoods, they created a paradigm shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story.

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. received her degree from University of Washington Medical School and authored several pioneering research papers on how opioids work in the brain. She is the founding patent counsel for numerous biotech companies that have gone public.

Frank Candelario had a long career in international marketing and branding. He is a real estate broker and investor. Together they use housing to change lives.

In 2015, the Candelarios saw the need to set a national standard for sober homes. They saw first-hand how a lack of standards and substandard housing providers harmed people in recovery. Unregulated sober homes have been around for 50 years. They said “we can do better”.

Frank and Sherri own several million dollars of single-family homes in Seattle where they have housed more than 500 people over the past six years as founders of Kate’s House Foundation. (

Our clients are veterans, people in recovery, justice involved, foster kids and under served women. All have one thing in common: a desire to live in a great home in a safe neighborhood.

To make real change, that starts in the legislature. They helped form the Washington State affiliate (WAQRR) in 2017. WAQRR subscribes to national standards for sober homes created in 2011 by the national accreditation agency (NARR).

Sherri sits on the advisory board to the legislature. In this role they passed legislation that prevents grants and tax funding going to non-accredited homes. Recently, they were on the forefront of a large fund to start new sober homes. Their homes were the first Medically Assisted Treatment homes in Washington state.

Notably, they have spoken and trained people all over the country to copy their model of superior shared housing that is funded by government contracts.

They have trained 1000s of people in the US on their real estate model and are making societal change, one house at a time.

How to obtain NARR certification and set your properties apart from other rentals

1. The National Alliance of Recovery Residences ( was formed to provide standards for shared transitional sober recovery housing. This model may apply to any type of shared housing including vets housing, disadvantaged women, justice involved and foster kids aging out of the system.

2. NARR provides standards for operations, physical environment, space for recovery and the concept of being a “good neighbor” The roadmap for housing for a positive shared housing experience for the residents provides the investor with housing that requires little oversight.

3. Thirty-four states have adopted or are finalizing the adoption of NARR standards. The other states are following as certification is a requirement for obtaining state and federal funds, having Fair Housing protections as well as protections from tenants and eviction moratoriums.

4. NARR is like a good housekeeping seal of approval for shared housing.

5. The process of certification involves identifying your mission and vision and setting up the business side. This is similar to a 501C3.

6. Typically these homes are in a non-profit organization as a corporate business structure is required, a state license that is provided with the state filing of the non-profit. There are four types of homes, including Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) homes. In some states, allowing people to take prescribed drugs for their illness (MAT) is a requirement for state grants. This funding is substantial.

7. Once a home is NARR certified, it is registered in a national database. This registration puts a housing provider on the map for anyone who is interested in housing in the US. Large organizations, such as Betty Ford have contacted Kate’s House to provide a housing model because they found us online.

8. A NARR certified home will often become the home that easily obtains funds from the state and federal funds as well as local charities. The certification is a standard of excellence that provides the accountability funders need.

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