Anderson Advisors founding partner and experienced real estate investor Clint Coons recently made an appearance on the long-standing Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast with host Brock Collins. The subject they discussed? How to properly setup the correct entity for your real estate investing business for both asset protection purposes and tax structuring.

For more information and a preview of the content itself, here’s the episode introduction:

“What if you set up the wrong entity for your real estate investing business? Are you really protected? Are you paying too much in taxes? Our Featured Guest on the show today is my buddy Clint Coons. Clint is both an active investor, real estate asset protection attorney and author of “Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors”! Today, Clint is going to share about his journey as a real estate investor and why Asset Protection and Corporate Structure is vital to your business.”

This content is thankfully handled by two real estate investing professionals who understand the market and how to succeed in it; besides acting as host, Brock Collins has devoted the past 16 years of his life to full-time real estate investing. He now spends his time and energy educating other aspiring investors in how to succeed and approach investing as a profitable business rather than a hobby.

As for Clint, besides being a founding partner, Clint Coons is a successful real estate investor in his own right and has devoted his practice to helping clients secure and protect their investments through the usage of land trusts, limited liability companies, and other legal entities to effectively shield clients from the increasingly complex challenges within our new economy. His ability to break down and explain complex legal theory into easy-to-understand terms has helped countless clients over the years and continues doing so today.

To hear the full podcast episode, click here: for more information on Brock and his educational resources, feel free to check out Freedom Real Estate Investing.

If you’re a real estate investor or business owner looking to better structure and shield your businesses, the team at Anderson Advisors is always available to talk. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with us to get things started.