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Erase your biggest concerns about your short-term rental property.

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Free Video Series: The 8 Biggest Concerns About Airbnb Short Term Property Rentals
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If you’re currently renting your home or vacation property through Airbnb or another online vacation rental marketplace like HomeAway, VRBO, or FlipKey, or are even just thinking about becoming a host, there are things you need to consider when it comes protecting yourself from lawsuits, learning what the insurance and liability issues are, knowing the tax implications, and planning for what happens if you become sick, hospitalized, or worse.

So, if you want to make some money on the side or to build an Airbnb business that becomes your main source of income, this FREE video series covers the eight biggest concerns when it comes to Airbnb and short term property rentals in general:

  • 3 Things You Need to Know When Starting an Airbnb
  • Can I be sued?
  • Does my homeowner’s insurance cover Airbnb?
  • Dealing with Theft
  • Renting Your Spare Room on Airbnb
  • Airbnb vs. Rental
  • Turning Your Vacation Home into an Airbnb
  • Should I have a rental agreement for my Airbnb?

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Free short term rental video series

Toby Mathis, Esq.

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“Running a short-term rental property can be a fantastic way to make money. Done right, you can be a successful property owner while building a solid income source.”

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