Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What if I hold all of the officer positions? Do I sign as President and Secretary on the stock


A: Yes, both signatures are required.


Q: My Corporation isn’t formed in my state of residence. What location do I list in the minutes when I

conduct a meeting?

A: You will report the location you are physically at during the time the meeting took place. It’s not

uncommon for shareholders to reside outside of the state the entity is formed in.


Q: Do I need a business license?

A: The need for business licenses will vary, depending on your business activity. The best course of

action would be to contact your local licensing division.


Q: Do I really need to sign a Waiver of Notice each time we have a meeting?

A: To remain in compliance, Corporations are required to provide formal notice of meetings each time

they are held; in lieu of submitting notice to yourselves, a signed waiver is required and should be

maintained in your binder along with your minutes from the meeting.


Q: What documents does the bank require in order to open my business bank account?

A: Your best course of action would be to bring the entire binder to the bank.


Q: My binder doesn’t have any Articles of Incorporation in the State Filings tab. How do I obtain these?

A: In the event your Articles were not received prior to your binder shipping to you, you may obtain a

copy of them in the secure folder we’ve created for you. You will also be receiving the original in the



Q: How do I get reimbursed for the expenses I paid on behalf of the corporation?

A: You should submit a formal reimbursement request or invoice the Corporation. Receipts of the

expenses should be attached to the reimbursement request.


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