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AgeGenderAnnual Premium Length of Premium Total Investment Projected Cash ValueInitial Death Benefit
6Male$1,20055 years $66,000$900,574 at age 65$129,202
13Female$3,60020 years$72,000$1,270,154 at age 65$395,665
29Male$3,00032 years$96,000$392,698 at age 65$327,240
34Female$1,00037 years$37,000$85,510 at age 65$95,122
36Male$120,00010 years$1,200,000$6,139,215 at age 65$3,612,214
39Female$50,00020 years$1,000,000$2,834,497 at age 65$3,157,735
48Female$25,00010 years$250,000$504,276 at age 65$628,559
59Male$36,0007 years$252,000$524,935 at age 80$481,484
71Female$50,0007 years$350,000$410,914 at age 80$602,185

Anderson Financial Services’ advisors are licensed to set up the products and strategies they offer.


Anderson Financial Services, LLC and it’s representatives do not market investment securities though do have strategic alliances with companies that do so.

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